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Journal Issue 1.2
Fall 2009
Edited by Ariella Rotramel, Julie Ann Salthouse, and Deanna Utroske

  About the Reviewers

Emilie Zaslow is an Assistant Professor in Communication Studies at Pace University in New York City. Her research centers on the relationships between identity, gender, and media. Her recent focus is on the ways in which girls come to understand what it means to be feminine and feminist through their engagement with media and society. Her book Feminism, Inc: Growing Up in Girl Power Media Culture will be published in November 2009.


Dorothy L. Hodgson

Allison Attenello

Emilie Zaslow

Wendy A. Burns-Ardolino

Mitra Rastegar


Leeat Granek

Rachel Liebert

Frann Michel

Victoria Ann Newsom

Sonali Perera


Meredith Barges

Jessica Nathanson

Carrie N. Baker

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